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Bisco Int’l. Inc. was established in 1967 under the name Electroservice, Inc. As a privately owned company, the emphasis has always been on service and quality with the goal of fostering long term relationships.

In the beginning we specialized in the service of machinery within the Graphic Arts industry, offering 24 hour service which was welcomed by all printing companies especially those that had second and third shift operation such as commercial print shops, newspapers, box companies, bindery’s, etc.

In the mid-1970’s we started offering supplies to the printing industry under the name Bellwood Industrial Sales Co., Div. of Electroservice, Inc. We offered supplies such as blankets, presspak, masking tape, splicing tape, teflon tape and the like.

In order to provide the service that our customers were accustomed to; ‘Second To None’, we began building our own converting machines so that we could purchase the largest rolls available thereby enabling us to slit from our own stock, any size rolls the customer might require and maintain that level of customer service that we were known for.

After outgrowing two locations is Bellwood, IL in the 1990’s we moved to Hillside IL, to a larger facility and at the same time we changed the name from Bellwood Industrial Sales Co., Div. of Electroservice Inc. to Bisco Int’l., Inc. Forty-eight years later our goal is still customer first with quality and service ‘Second To None’.